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Advantage of RMRM Heat Pump

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High efficiency even at low outdoor ambient temperatures

The heat pumps, thanks to their special design, with supply temperature up to 65°C for connection to heating radiators, offer cooling, heating as well as hot water production. At the same time, their smooth operation is ensured even at extreme outdoor temperatures that reach down to -25°C.

Ultimate Central Control

The heat pumps are equipped with a touch wired controller for an even easier usage of your appliance, offering access to an important number of functions.

• Set the heat pump to operate according to your weekly schedule and enjoy ideal conditions in your space and availability of DHW when in need, saving energy and money on a daily basis, thanks to the Weekly Timer.

• Activate the Eco function and reduce the power consumption saving energy and money.

• Reduce energy consumption while saving money even when away from home with the Holiday Away mode. You can additionally program the heat pump with different operation settings through the Holiday Home mode, to activate quick and easy when your home activity changes from your typical daily schedule.

• Achieve ideal conditions in your space by using the wired controller as an external thermostat. The built-in temperature sensor will provide accurate room temperature information to the heat pump, for increased comfort.

Wi-Fi Standard

Through the smart Wi-Fi management, you get to create the environment you desire, from anywhere. Free download the Comfort Home app from Google Play or App Store and save energy operating your appliance through your smartphone or tablet.

Plate Heat Exchanger

Equipped with a resilient plate heat exchanger of high thermal transfer coefficient, Inventor heat pumps provide energy savings and ensure long and stellar operation.

DC Inverter Water Pump

Equipped with a reliable water pump from Wilo or Grundfos, with lift up to 9m, Inventor Heat Pumps provide higher efficiency and guarantee optimal operation.

Compressor & Chasis Heating Belt

The heat pump units are designed with pre-installed heating belts located on the chassis and the compressor to ensure their protected operation even at extreme weather conditions, a longer operation life, and provide high efficiency and stellar heating conditions quickly and effectively.

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