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RMRB 16.2KW DC Inverter air source Split Heat Pump with Wifi Controler

1 16.2kw Rated Heating capacity
2 with EVI,Electroic heater,water pump
3 with Wifi controling
4 Mitsubishi/ Panasonic Compressor
5 Swep /Alfa Laval heat exchanger
6 Four-way valve:Sanhua /Dunan
7 R410A/R32 inverter
  • RMAW-5FR1-V


  • 8418612090

Product Description

Dear customers,
You can choose monoblock or split air source heat pumps according to environmental needs!
Simple selection of air source combined supply system
3HP building area is 60-80 square meters, and the selected flow of water pump is 1.56m ³/ h. The lift is 13m-18m.
4HP building area is 70-90m2, and the selected flow of water pump is 2.1m ³/ h. The lift is 13m-18m.
5HP building area is 90-120 square meters, and the selected flow of water pump is 2.6m ³/ h. The lift is 13m-18m.
6hp building area is 110-150 square meters, and the selected flow of water pump is 3M ³/ h. Lift: 13m-18m.
8HP building area is 150-180 square meters, and the selected flow of water pump is 3.8m ³/ h. The lift is 13m-18m.
10HP building area is 180-250m2, and the selected flow of water pump is 5.8m ³/ h. The lift is 15m-20m.

The benefits of air source heat pumps:
• Lower fuel bills, especially if you are replacing conventional electric heating
• Receive income through the UK government's Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)
• Lower home carbon emissions, depending on which fuel you are replacing
• No fuel deliveries needed
• Can heat your home as well as your domestic water
• Minimal maintenance requiRed
• Easier to install than a ground source heat pump.

What is Heat pump
What is air source heat pump?
Air source heat pump is a device that transfers a large amount of heat contained in the air to the space requiring heat by consuming a small part of electric energy.It can provide users with hot water, refrigeration and heating needs. It has large water volume, high water pressure and constant temperature all day. Compared with coal-fired, oil-fired and gas-fired boilers, air source heat pump can help save more than 40% of energy.

1. The unit uses air as the heat source for refrigeration, heating and high-temperature hot water. Its efficiency is up to 300-500%.
2. Water and electricity are isolated without any pollution discharge. It is environmentally friendly, reliable, energy-saving, reliable and convenient.
3. The unit works around the clock with large water production. It can realize centralized water supply.
4. The system is more reliable and efficient by adopting the method of circulating heating.
5. Refrigeration, heating, haze removal, floor heating, comfort and energy saving.

Performance Introduction
a. The machine can run heating, refrigeration, hot water, refrigeration and hot water, heating and hot water operation modes.
b. The motherboard can set model parameters.
c. It has multiple temperature sensors to ensure detailed and accurate sampling of the working state of the machine. All temperatures can be queried and displayed on the main controller.
d. Each compressor has high-voltage protection, low-voltage protection, exhaust temperature protection and current overcurrent protection to ensure reliable operation of the machine
e. Efficient and accurate electronic expansion valve control algorithm.
f. Lack of phase and wrong phase will cause the whole machine to stop running.
g. The waterway has safety measures such as waterway switch and low-temperature antifreeze protection.
h. Real time timing switch function.

Compatible with different kinds of terminals
In the air source combined supply system, the indoor end system includes fan coil, low-temperature radiator, floor heating, etc.
Fan coil can be used for refrigeration and heating, and the heating comfort is poor.
Radiators and floor heating are only used for heating.
The best combination is fan coil refrigeration in summer and floor heating in winter



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