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What are the advantages of using monoblock heat pump?

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Monoblock heat pump is an energy-saving and environmentally friendly hot water supply device that can replace boilers without resource limitations. It uses green and pollution-free cold coal to absorb heat from the air, and produces a life of more than 50 degrees through the work of the compressor. Hot water, the annual C.O.P value is above 3.0.

monoblock heat pump

What is the market status of monoblock heat pump?

How does the monoblock heat pump work?

What are the advantages of using monoblock heat pump?

What is the market status of monoblock heat pump?

With the development of people's economy, people's requirements for the quality of life are getting higher and higher. People's requirements for showering and bathing are also getting higher and higher. Gas water heaters, electric water heaters, and solar water heaters are far from meeting people's needs for comfort, energy saving, and safety.

Monoblock heat pump, as the name suggests, is a water heater that can provide the whole family with different hot water needs 24 hours a day with large water volume, high water pressure, and constant temperature, while consuming the least energy to complete the above requirements. And while efficiently producing domestic hot water, monoblock heat pump can release cold air like an air conditioner to meet the refrigeration needs of the kitchen, and can dehumidify in local spaces such as balconies, storage rooms, and garages to prevent items from becoming moldy or rapidly deteriorating.

How does the monoblock heat pump work?

The working principle of the monoblock heat pump is to absorb the energy in the air, turn it into heat and transfer it to the water tank, heat the water, and at the same time release the low-temperature air that has lost a lot of energy to the kitchen for kitchen refrigeration. When the air loses energy to reduce the temperature, a large amount of water vapor is condensed, so the humidity of the cold air released is greatly reduced, and the monoblock heat pump has the effect of dehumidification. Therefore, the product integrates energy-saving central hot water, kitchen (toilet) refrigeration, and local dehumidification functions, which greatly improves the cost performance and performance of the product. It provides conditions for more wealthy families to enjoy a high quality of life.

What are the advantages of using monoblock heat pump?


Since monoblock heat pump is not directly heated by electric heating elements, compared with electric water heaters, it eliminates the safety hazard of electric leakage; compared with gas water heaters, there are no safety hazards such as gas leakage or carbon monoxide poisoning, so it has better safety. performance.


Monoblock heat pump is regenerative. The heating function is automatically activated according to the temperature in the water tank to ensure sufficient supply of hot water for 24 hours. Therefore, there will be no problem that the gas water heater cannot meet the hot water for multiple faucets at the same time. There is a problem that the capacity of the electric water heater is small, and many people need to wait for a bath. The hot water is ready to use, the water output is large, and the water temperature is stable, meeting all your expectations for hot water.

Guangzhou Realm Energy Saving Equipment Co. Ltd. has focused on the development and production of monoblock heat pumps for several years. And it commits to providing perfect service for every customer from all over the world.

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